Flange is the parts which connects two pipe ends. Flange connection is defined as a combination of the flange, gasket and bolt.
As for different pressure flanges, thickness will be different and the bolts they use will also be different.
Dimension of the flanges will be manufactured as per related specifications.
As an one-stop solution supplier, we can assist our customer to select the right products.
Slip-on flanges
Slip-On flange has a hole with matching outside diameter of pipe from which pipe can pass.

The flange is placed on pipe and fillet welded from both inside and outside.

Slip-On Flange is suitable for low pressure and temperature application. This type of flange is available in large size also to connect big bore piping with storage tank nozzles.
Socket Welding Flanges
Socket Welding Flanges are typically used on similiar sizes of high pressure pipes.

These pipe flanges are attached by inserting the pipe into the socket end and applying fillet Weld around the top.

This allows for a smooth bore and better flow of the fluid or gas inside of the pipe.
Neck Welding Flanges
Neck Welding Flanges consists of a circular fitting with a protruding rim around the circumference.

Generally machined from a forging, these flanges are typically butt welded to a pipe.

The rim has a series of drilled holes that permit the flange to be affixed to another flange with bolts
Threaded Flanges
Threaded flange is a type of flange that has taper pipe threads conforming to ASME or as per customers' special requirements in its bore.

This type can be used in piping systems where it is not possible to carry out welding of flange on to the pipe such as highly explosive areas where welding can create a potential hazard.

The threaded flange is screwed on to a pipe which has external taper pipe threads. Threaded Flanges are genrally used for galvanized & cast iron piping.
Lap Joint Flanges
Lap Joint Flanges have all the same common dimensions as Slip-on flanges however it does not have a raised face.

They used in conjunction with a “Lap Joint Stub End”.

These flanges are nearly identical to a Slip On flange with the exception of a radius at the intersection of the flange face and the bore to accommodate the flanged portion of the Stub End.
Blind flange
A blind flange is a solid flange as shown above.

The purpose of these is to block off a section of pipe or a nozzle on a vessel that is not used.

(A nozzle is typically a pipe coming out of a vessel and is usually flanged so it can be connected to valves or piping)
Stamped Stainless Flanges
Stamped Stainless Flanges are also avaible in our company.